About Me

Here’s something I learned: Bios are strangely harder to write than they might appear. I couldn’t decided what to include and I’d only be guessing at what you’d like to know about me. For that reason I went looking for some help and discovered this Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits application. I think it covers all the key points.

Here’s some other things that the man with the deep-voice might say if I ever walked out on stage:

Luis C. Lewis is an author and illustrated and has created multiple best-selling books including, Liam, Are You Sleepy Yet?, Spooky Silly Kids & Dinosaur Bedtime.

Do you have a questions for me? If you do, I ‘d love to you hear from you.

Send me an email here: Contact Luis C. Lewis

Thanks for visiting and be sure to look around my site–there’s lot’s of things for both parents and kids.


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